thresholds is an experiment in digital publishing.

We collaborate closely with our contributors to custom-design each piece. The result is creative|critical digital handiwork, a hand-stitched sampler of texts and ideas.







Mark Amerika
Lauren Berlant 
Charles Bernstein
Sharon Daniel
Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Ted Greenwald
Nathan Jones
Kenji Liu
Carla Nappi
Dominic Pettman
Heidi Rhodes
Margaret Simon
William N. West
Betsy Wing
Pinar Yoldas



Each essay consists of two sides, a left and a right, split by a central threshold. These two sides scroll together vertically.

Why is thresholds like this?

Every text is an ensemble piece that the author crafts in conversation with a multitude of other voices. Although reading and writing sometimes take place in solitude — perhaps you sit alone, now, before a silent screen — they are never lonely acts. Every encounter with a text testifies to our interconnectedness.

The design of thresholds revels in this fact. Here, the space between essays is porous — not a boundary that divides one author from another but a threshold that opens onto new interpretive possibilities. The reader gains agency at these crossings. Scrolling up and down each essay, you alter the relations between the left and right panels; bumping left and right, you generate new juxtapositions, as your endpoint in the previous essay collides with the beginning of the next. The architecture of each issue thus has a set structure, but every threshold contains the potential for a dérive, a drift into new passages. Wander at will.

To navigate between essays, click the < chevrons > on the left and right edge of each screen. This bumps you horizontally, one half-screen at a time.




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