IntroductionFrances McDonald | Whitney Trettien

Table of Contents

Updating as Modernity; or, Impermanent Test Dept.Aaron Jaffe

Notes Toward A Philology of Modified Video Game ConsolesDarren Wershler

objects are never inert

Coping MechanismsMelissa Rogers | Devon Dill

spaces of action

Twenty years laterTC Tolbert

special attraction

Better Living Through...Lara Farina


The Cluster as Interpretive GestureHeather Love

Cloud DataZoe Beloff

The (Spiritual) Medium is the MessageGuy Stevenson

Radio Drama in Deep TimeEmily Bloom

repetition with change

Making it New, Again and Again  Dathalinn O'Dea

Ancanonical IconsDaniel Irrgang

Time MachinesJussi Parikka

In Lieu of an AfterwordSiegfried Zielinski